Radiomics is linked to several institutes and initiatives

The department of Precision Medicine at Maastricht University. At this department research and development on Radiomics tools is being conducted, moreover the 'founders' of the term radiomics originate from this department and currently the department is lead by prof.dr. Philippe Lambin (

Health Innovation Ventures is the Holding company that enabled the first spin-off companies marketing radiomics to grow and develop. Health Innovation Ventures builds bridges between the (fundamental) research at the department of Precision Medicine and actual uptake of its output in the market.

Oncoradiomics is a spin-off company founded by the first researchers to use the term Radiomics. Thanks to an internationally recognised scientific team and an experienced business team in matters of new technologies Oncoradiomics will provide its clients with cost effective, non invasive and easy to use radiomics solutions.