Radiomics: from qualitative to quantitative imaging — an interview with BJR author Professor Philippe Lambin

18 June 2020

In this podcast from the British Journal of Radiology, there is an interview with Professor Philippe Lambin, Head of the Department of Precision Medicine at the University of Maastricht, The Netherlands, and author of a recent BJR Review on Radiomics: from qualitative to quantitative imaging, which is part of a special anniversary article series to celebrate BJR’s 125th anniversary as the oldest radiology journal in the world. We talk to Philippe about how quantitative imaging has developed over recent years, the radiomics workflow, potential clinical applications, as well as what challenges we will need to overcome in order to fulfil its potential.

"In the long term, radiomics is not the answer for everything. We will go towards a more multifactorial approach that people call totalomics, holomics or panomics. The idea is to use all variables we have to make decisions rather than focus on one family of variables"
— Professor Philippe Lambin

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BIR · Radiomics: from qualitative to quantitative imaging – an interview with Philippe Lambin

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